Seat Packing Sofa Bed

Pack three people's seats into this sleek and compact love sofa. With a single push, this modern sofa folds out into a double bed for two! Ideal for urbanizes who are not only in demand for multi purpose, but also maxi convenient furniture. 

Our sofa beds are not just for day time sleeping, they are bold and strong enough to accommodate your sleep every day & night!

Class A HR-35 foam allows high-comfort sleeping and seating, while providing a durable form. So no need to worry about your guests having a good night sleep. They will enjoy the plush firm texture on their backs. All colors will blend in with your bright and dark wood furniture.

Pair our SeatPacking Sofa Bed with the Super Side Table! We use Turkish cotton and velvet blend fabric. LILLE %65SYNT%35COT. LOREN %62ACR%11PP%27PES. We use medium firm Class A HR-35 foaming that's very durable and highly resistant. We do not use any fire retardant materials.


Width: 53.5"
Height: 31"
Depth: 36"
Seater height: 15,7"
Back height: 18,2"
Seater depth: 23,6
Bed size: 53.5" x 75,5"

Estimated Delivery Time:

10-12 weeks.

*Pillows may not be included for discounted prices.

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