Marshmallow Sectional Sofa

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The 0 calorie alternative to marshmallows, this spacious 2 Corner + 2 Single is insanely cushy and comfy. Enjoy alone or have S'MORE fun with friends!

This piece will save you space when you've got too much company! Use it as a one-seater, or put two of them next to each other and you'll get a 2-seater, voila! You grow this into a two seater, then a three seater sectional and next you have a party. The deep rest brought by this piece may trigger sudden naps. Ideal for all who like to maximize comfort. For care, don't leave liquids unattended to avoid spills. You may throw in our Tompkins Square Coffee Table to the center to rest your drinks. We use Turkish cotton blend fabric. LILLE %65SYNT%35COT. LOREN %62ACR%11PP%27PES. Our foams are medium firm Class A HR-35 that's very durable and highly resistant. We do not use any fire retardant materials.


Corner Piece  

Width 37"
Height 26.4"
Depth 37" 
Seater Width 23.6" 
Seater Height 14.6"
Seater Depth 23.6"

Middle Chair

Width 35.6"
Height 26.3"
Depth 37" 
Seater Width 35.6" 
Seater Height 15"
Seater Depth 23.6"

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